Give Away!

I asked a poll question on our facebook fanpage Duoimagery to let you guys – our fans – decide what the next give away would be. The answer with the most votes was …

Olive Garden!

Yum! Who doesn’t want to win a gift card to olive garden? So I now officially announce our give away – a $25 gift card to Olive Garden!

Here’s what you have to do. Share this post on your facebook and tell your friends to go check it out, too so they can be in on the fun.

Come back here and leave us a comment teling us that you’ve entered. Otherwise you will not be entered, I can only see people who leave their comment here. :)

BONUS: If you share this on your Twitter, Google+ or blog, you can come back and leave an additional comment after every post! (only one post per social media outlet, please, lets be fair) :)
So the more places you share, the more entries you get!

Good luck and next Friday I will be drawing the winning name from

Be sure to follow us on Facebook to participate in future polls and keep up with our life and photos!

And since a post is always better furnished with photos.. here’s some Olive Garden pictures to get your taste buds worked up.. :)

  1. My taste buds ARE worked up :)

  2. I shared on FB, so count me in again! :)

  3. Ok, I’m definitely drooling now!! :-D Anyway, I shared this on Facebook and on Google+!

  4. Yay, I entered, I love Olive Garden! :)

  5. I shared on facebook and entered the competition!!!

  6. I entered! Love olive garden!!

  7. Entered!!

  8. I shared on facebook!

  9. Salad looks wonderful!!!

  10. Shared on facebook!!!

  11. I posted it on my Facebook!

  12. Entered into your contest!!

  13. Entered ;)

  14. I entered.

  15. Count me in! :)

  16. shared on Facebook. Count me in!

  17. Oh yeah totally posted on my FaceBook:)

  18. I shared on fb! And now my taste buds are worked up!

  19. :) It looked 2 delicious to resist. I did it…

  20. Count me in! Posted on my FB :)

  21. Count me in again! Just Tweeted a link. Olive Garden ho!!

  22. I posted here:

  23. And here:

  24. And here:! I’m not hard up or anything. I just like Olive Garden that’s all. :)

  25. Is that Josh? lol. He look hungry!
    FB link shared.

  26. O, and Twitter…

  27. I posted on facebook!

  28. Shared :)

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