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Healthy Living: Eating clean when eating out

So this is an area that I’ve struggled with immensely. How to eat clean when you go out to eat? Its so much easier to cave in and get those fries (and believe me sometimes I do!) and sometimes thats fine. But on a general basis, how do you stay feeling healthy and clean when you’re going out to eat, especially if multiple times in a row, such as when you’re on a trip? Heres what I’ve discovered.

SALADS. Yes, that’s kinda a given. Almost any restaurant anywhere will have at least SOME type of salad on their menu. But that can get old.. just eating salads. So here’s my little tip. Go for a different type of salad with ingredients you might not normally use at home! It will spice things up and make eating out exciting again. :) The other night John and I went on a date to FlatIron in Davidson, and there weren’t very many options for me as a vegetarian. So this is what I got:

IMG_8729Its an Asian themed salad! Sesame seeds, the little crunchy strips, carrots, cucumbers and a delicious soy ginger sauce all over a bed of spinach. So simply and healthy but so fun and absolutely delicious. This is not a salad I would make every day at home so it still felt like a treat meal, and I felt so good and clean afterwards!

If you are like me and like sushi, that is a GREAT clean eating option when you go out. Obviously you’re gonna have to go to an Asian restaurant for this and not every restaurant will serve sushi, but this is a really delicious break from salads for eating out.

IMG_8650Another thing I’ve discovered is a lot of restaurants have soup! Not necessarily the first pick at a restaurant but they can be really delicious and ¬†healthy! You have to be careful here as a lot of soups are cream based and that’s gonna be a lot of fat and dairy and will not leave you feeling clean at all. Look for the veggie soups with broth bases.. you can always ask your server which soups are not cream based. These types of soups are not always the most filling, so its a great idea to pair this with a half salad maybe a side of veggies or rice pilaf or something so you aren’t sitting there feeling very empty. :)

IMG_8636Coffee shops!

If you’re like me, you love your lattes and cappuccinos. But both of those have milk which isn’t really a beauty food. You can skip the coffee altogether when going out with a friend and have a cup of tea instead, or when you really need that coffee, a lot of coffee shops have the option of soy milk and some really cool ones have the option of almond milk instead. The taste and texture are different than dairy, but it’s easy to get used to.. and I’ve learned to almost prefer it. Often the soy is flavored vanilla which adds a really fun twist to a chai latte or even your coffee.


One of my favorite ways to eat clean when eating out is to order a smoothie! Not a lot of places offer good real fruit smoothies, but a lot of breakfast places, cafes and coffee shops do. It’s a great breakfast and so much better for you than most breakfast dining options with eggs and cheese and lots of white flours. Be careful when ordering smoothies though as a lot of them aren’t much better than a milkshake! Make sure they use real fruit or at least real fruit concentrate vs fruit flavoring, and that they use juice and yogurt vs milk. I love smoothies and normally have 1-2 a day. They’re also pretty filling so its a great breakfast when you’re out!

IMG_8174Just keep your eye out on the menu for healthy alternatives. One of our local Italian restaurants has a whole wheat option on their pasta. Lots of restaurants have lighter options and some will even have special sections in the menu where the food is lower fat, no dairy, etc. Depending where you live you might even be able to find healthy restaurants in your area which are so much fun and you can order anything off the menu! I LOVE restaurants like this, as I mentioned a few posts back that I have a digestive illness, and often “splurging” on a treat meal isn’t even a choice for me as I react pretty strongly to most dining options.

Let’s face it though, sometimes you are at a restaurant that maybe your friend picked and there really isn’t anything on the menu that is super good for you. The way I’ve learned to handle this is one of two ways. Just enjoy it as a treat meal and don’t let it bother you, or eat just a little bit of something and then fill up at home on some clean food.

So what about you guys? Do you have any tips or tricks for eating clean when eating out? Please share them in the comments!

Peace and Love,






Birthday, cupcakes, tulips and… a parrot?

My birthday was on the 10th, and my family loves birthdays. We seriously do. It’s an event, a celebration.. time to be together and have fun.. do things we don’t normally do. My family really went all out for me and it made me feel so loved.
They know how much I adore cupcakes.. so that was the theme. And spring. Tulips.. hyacinths. :)

The name places were real tulips in miniature pots. The “dirt” was chocolate bunches. I probably ate a 1/4 of my dirt before dessert.

We played Yahtzee. I got second! And I never even got a yahtzee. And here’s where the Parrot comes in. See him on my dad’s back? His name is Tarzan.

He’s not very smart. He dances though. Makes you laugh like a fool cuz it looks so funny and cute. He’s a show off.
Like I said, they know my love for cupcakes. Check out the wrapping paper! Its just edible. :)

My cake. My littlest sister made it.. isn’t is beautiful?

All these pictures are iPhone.. as I forgot my camera at home. I’m starting to realize I do that a lot. =/ Anyway.. I had such a wonderful party with my amazing family.. I hope you all are blessed to have a family who loves you like mine does me.
Keep calm and have a cupcake!

masquerade birthday party!

my best party animal buddy had her 22 birthday last week and had a marvelous masquerade party!

putting the candles on the cake..

john made his signature espresso drinks. =}

absolutely delicious food: shiskabobs, coconut rice and salad.

we played a hilarious take on hot potato. we set the camera on timer and passed the camera around the circle. you had to hold the camera facing you as in a self portrait and then pass it on to the next person. the person that the timer went off on and subsequently took a photo of had to share an embarrassing moment!

happy 22nd to one of my best friends in the world. i don’t know what i would do without you. <3

of red velvet cupcakes and raspberry truffles.

if you’ve been following my blog for very long you will know that i have an affair with cupcakes. i love cupcakes so incredibly much. i just can’t resist them somehow. okay, okay i can. sometimes. when i have to. but double cupcakes with chocolate (aka red velvet) top it with a thick cream cheese frosting and its irresistible! mmm! makes my mouth water just thinking a bout them…
my friend who is a fellow cupcake fanatic bought me this beautiful cupcake the other night.. =}

oh and did i mention chocolate truffles? i take them like they are vitamin C. {i tend to exaggerate, i know}. that hard shell on the outside with creamy meltedness on the inside.. mmmmm. my sister loves buying little chocolate truffles for me and the other day she gave me this. its a frog! how adorable is that? and it was flavored with raspberry.. yum.

so.. what are your favorite types of dessert?

project 365: day 46

this was my lunch today. basil rice, steamed squash and zucchini topped with guacamole and homemade pico de gallo, with a few delicious leaves of spinach. i could literally get addicted to this meal.

i love eating healthy. and i love how it makes me feel. and yes. i love how it tastes. i don’t understand why people think healthy food tastes bad. maybe the same reason i think unhealthy food tastes bad. okay, okay. most of it.

and since i’m trying to stimulate your taste buds, i thought i’d throw in a photo i took of my salad yesterday. its crisp romaine lettuce, spinach, chopped advocadoes, my homemade pico, chicken saut√©ed with no oil topped with some crunched up tortilla chips and yogurt salad dressing. it was so delicious.
so! did i make you hungry?

project 365: day 35

i wasn’t able to post my photo yesterday because we were traveling and didn’t have internet. we stopped at panera for dinner and ordered a delicious salad each. here’s johns: a mediterranean salmon salad. so that’s my photo of the day from yesterday. we got to our beach house late last night .. in time for a nearly full moon over the ocean surf. it was absolutely beautiful. i’ll be showing you some pictures in time so stay tuned. :)

project 365: day 34

so this post might confuse you all a little bit, and with good reason. this is my first photo in project 365 and its already day 34? here’s what happened. i wanted to do that this year (a photo every day) but i forgot until about a week ago. so i decided better late than never, so here i am, starting a month late. =}

packing! i’m leaving for a week at the beach in florida with friends tomorrow! my sister-in-law is getting married and the bridal party are all staying at a beach house together the week before. i’m so excited! but not so sure about the 90 degree weather down there.. =/ thank God there’s an ocean to jump into!

and yes, there’s actually two photos for today. i thought my dinner looked rather delicious so the food photographer that i am, i had to take a photo of it.. there’s actually a fillet of salmon hiding underneath that sauce. did i ever mention that i adore salmon?
happy friday and i hope you have a delightful weekend! next week be checking in for beach photos!

Concerning things delicious…

Cafe chicken salad at Camile’s Sidewalk cafe..
chicken salad with dill, lettuce, tomatoes, olives, onions, sunflower seeds, carrots, delish.

White chocolate raspberry scone and Java Super Shake at Port City. {All time favorite combination}

Red velvet cake and a cappuccino, compliments of Ketchie Creek. This is the cake they made for my wedding, btw. :)

Salad for dinner.. fresh lettuce and tomatoes from Ida’s garden..

Yummy dreams! -beth