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Bracelets for #zerolra

IMG_9363Handmade reed bracelets from Uganda supporting local families! Also, 100% of the profits will go directly to fund programs to bring an end to the LRA fighting in Central Africa and to restorative programs for people who have escaped the LRA. If you would like a bracelet, make at least a $5 donation to my #zerolra campaign by clicking HERE. Once you’ve made your donation, send me a message at telling me that you’ve donated, which color you would like and your address and I will send you your bracelet!

Colors to choose from:

Green, Yellow, Brown, Gray, Black

Thank you for supporting my campaign to see a world with no more LRA!




KONY2012 – Rescue

I know the crowd of differing voices has calmed down since KONY2012. To the point where a lot of people have forgotten. Is he still out there? Has he been stopped? Is he still kidnapping children?

The answer is Yes. He is still out there, and currently his LRA army is holding 140 women and 72 children hostage, forcing them to be “wives” and slaves, some of them are forced to be soldiers.

Invisible Children is working to rescue these women and children. They release fliers from the air telling them there is a way out and there are safe houses where they will be welcomed with open arms. They broadcast messages over speakers while flying over the remote jungle areas in helicopters explaining how they can escape. They help them rebuild their lives and work through the trauma, and help them find their families again.

And this is where you and I come in. I’m raising money to help rescue these beautiful people. Because, if someone is living as a slave, are any of us truly free? I want my life to be a reflection of Jesus’ – who poured out his life loving those living invisibly. I want to love these invisible children like He does, and I want to set them free.

Will you join me in bringing freedom? Just $25 prints 25 fliers with instructions to how they can escape, which are scattered throughout the jungle for the captives to find. $100 connects remote regions to security alerts about the LRA for 10 days. And for $500, you can fund a helicopter mission to spread the word that there is a hope and an escape.

You can start to paint a more beautiful future, right here, right now.

Visit my campaign to Free The People by clicking HERE.

The future is up to us. What we do for our fellow man, how we create tomorrow, starts today.


A campaign for clean water, an answer to prayer

A couple months ago I started a campaign with charity:water to raise $1000 in just 90 days to bring clean water to a community in Ethiopia. It seemed daunting and as the deadline ticked closer, I started feeling discouraged that maybe it wouldn’t all come in. But God has blessed me with generous friends – both those I know personally and those I may not know. Gifts have come in steadily over the past couple months. But I still had over $500 left to raise and not even quite a month to raise it in and I was starting to wonder if it would happen. I crawled into bed last night just praying that God would send one person to give. Sometimes it’s easier to focus on the big picture but it’s really about just one gift at a time, no matter how small. I fell asleep with this prayer in my heart. This morning I had actually forgotten about it and when I leisurely checked my campaign it said $951 raised. I blinked and then refreshed the page – it must’ve been jinxed. Last night there was only $451 raised. I refreshed and it still said $951. I scrolled down to the bottom of the page and there at the top of the list of donations was an Anonymous donation of $500.

God sent me one person to give a gift.

I’m so floored. God answers prayer. All He needs is open and willing hearts. I’m crying as I write this because I am so overwhelmed by the Almighty God I have – and the generous people out there who love Him.

THANK YOU. To every single person who gave, no matter how small it felt. I know it was from your heart and to me that is all that matters. I know that’s all that matters to God , too. You gave generously from a willing heart, and that made all the difference.

I only have $50 left to raise to complete my campaign – and nearly a month to do it! But lets see how far above and beyond we can go!

Thank you EVERYONE for helping me change a community in Ethiopia – for being the hands and feet of Jesus.

Please share my campaign with your friends and family- spread the word to whoever who know! Let’s see just how much we can change this community!

Visit my campaign by clicking HERE.

Peace and love, Bethany

Art with a Purpose

I’m excited to announce that you can purchase some of my artwork with beautiful frames, on canvas, a print or a laptop skin! Decorate your house with beautiful artwork from around the nation and feel good about it – a portion of every sale goes to help people in need. You can visit my store by clicking HERE.

roan mountain

Christmas card party

Some of my lovely girlfriends came over and we had a mini Christmas party to make Christmas cards for children who are hospitalized over Christmas. :)

Thanksgiving moments

Our Thanksgiving Day was a bit small this year. My brother Josh wasn’t able to make it down from college as he was the stay in RA, and John’s sister spent Thanksgiving with her in laws. It felt small but it was still lovely. We crowded around my mom’s little table and decorated a stack of sugar cookies in the blink of an eye. Which of course were absolutely delicious with that hint of almond. :)

Of course most of the afternoon consisted of making our Thanksgiving feast.. and then we all gathered in my mom’s apartment to enjoy it and be together.

Sometimes simple and small is beautiful.

The evening was spent in games and just being together as a family. How be it not the entire family.. but I’m just grateful we could be together at all. So many people can’t be together and so many people wouldn’t even have enough food to share around if they did. I hope I never lose perspective. :)

So many things to be thankful for..

John and I celebrated the day by giving the gift of hope to girls who have been rescued out of sex slavery.. to help them build a new life. I don’t ever want to lose sight of how I’ve been blessed so that I can bless in return. If you would like to join me in giving a future and hope to hurting children around the world, visit my gift catalog with World Vision by clicking HERE.

I hope you all had a very lovely Thanksgiving surrounded by the people you love. -Bethany

Make a difference this Christmas

I want to invite you to join in my vision of making our world a better place for children – as simply as giving life changing gifts in the honor of friends or family for their Christmas gifts. Check it out!

Autumn is a second spring..

… when every leaf is a flower. -Albert Camus

To purchase these photos as artwork click HERE. 100% of profits go to help people in need through World Vision.

Take me to the beach…

To purchase these photos as artwork click HERE. 100% of the profits go to help people in need via World Vision.

NY Trip {part two} lakeside..

To purchase these photos as artwork click HERE. All profits go to help people in need through World Vision.

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